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:iconwolfboy1020: poorly attempts to justify his wolf obsession...

A long time ago, back when I just started out on deviantart, I befriended this one deviant who goes by the name of 
:iconauggusst:. I really liked this one Zootopia she made of this OC she created, a wolf named Garrett Grey. As a matter of fact, I was obsessed with him. I looked in her gallery and found out she had only 2 images of him. We were friends for some time, and I told her I liked what she drew, but then I started telling her she should start drawing Garrett Grey again. Then it started getting out of hand. I kept telling her over and over again, "When are you going to start drawing Garrett Grey again? You should draw him again, I like him, I want you to start drawing him again, and so on, and so forth." 

So, you admit that cared only for her Zootopian wolf OC. You did not care about her other art. I bet :iconauggusst: politely asked you to stop, but you never paid it any mind because you only cared for her wolf OC. You never acknowledged her other art or talents, no wonder she left you. If you keep that up then the cycle will repeat itself.

Then, one day, I left a comment on one of her other artworks (I can't remember which one), but then when I submitted the comment, I got a message saying, and I quote,

"You can't post a comment here. This artist has blocked you." 

That's when I realized I pushed her too far. 

Slow on the uptake, you are.

Judy Hopps - Icon……

She blocked me, terminated our friendship, removed me from her life completely, all because I pushed her to do what I asked of her.

Then, after a while, I found out that she not only blocked me, but also deleted her ZOOTOPIA OC. I looked in Google images, and typed in every possible key word into the search bar, nothing related to Garrett Gray came up. It's as if my actions had completely erased him from existence.

Are you so surprised? You constantly harassed her over her own character which you were downright obsessed with and are even now. She had every right to terminate that “friendship” because it wasn’t even a real bond; you showed her that you just cared for her character and not her. It was also her art, so she had every right to erase it. I bet seeing it brought back bad memories for her so she did so to move on. You have no one to blame, but yourself; little boy.

Which begs the question: 

I now long for the opportunity to apologize to 
:iconauggusst:, telling her to please put the drawing of her Zootopia OC back online, so that I may look at them in peace, knowing that I have managed to succeed in redeeming myself, and wait patiently for the day to come when she finally decides to draw him again.

Again, all you hope to see is that one OC. You don’t give a care about her other work or talents. You also speak of only you seeing it when I am sure countless other people love it too. You won’t be able to see them in “peace” because everyone here on DA has the right to see it. How do you see THAT as redeeming yourself? You are wasting your time waiting as she most likely won’t be coming back after that.

If one of 
:iconauggusst:'s watchers/friends is reading this, could you please tell her that I am so sorry for the I treated her? :( I was ignorant and overly obsessed, and I was a total jerk to her, and I feel so guilty because of it. Zootopia - Nick Wilde Facepalm  All I wanted was to see more drawings of Garrett Gray, but now, all I ask of is forgiveness, and for the already existing drawings to be put back online. 

Just please, tell her I'm sorry. 

Thank you.

If :iconauggusst: does not want to associate with you anymore then it is her choice to do so. Time does not heal all wounds. You are still obsessed as you spoke of seeing her character again throughout this entry. You are still a thin-skinned jerk who cannot take criticism and loves having the final say on everything. Do you really feel any real guilt over it? Unless you can show SOLID proof of your claims then you will be seen as a liar. At the end, you still just want to see the drawings and not a true friendship with her. Tell her yourself that you are sorry and actually prove it yourself instead of getting her friends to do it for you, little wolfaboo.


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Garo123456 Featured By Owner 12 hours ago  New Deviant Student General Artist
Hello! I am happy to announce my personal Jurassic Park/Jurassic World tribute project finally finished! :D It took me a whole month, but it was worth it. Please just click this link and have fun:… :)
I tried to be as scientifically accurate as possible(feathered dromeosaurs, supinated arms, etc), but then again a lot of paleonthology is speculation and constantly changing, so I am not responsible for any inaccuracies. No one is perfect, and it's not my fault the modders have made the things in these pictures the way they are shown. :( Overall however I chose and showed the best high-quality mods(as few glitches as possible, good/realistic-looking AND scientifically accurate). In order to get a better view, simply left click on the picture(obviously), also you will see some interesting info in its' below description. All positive and/or neutral feedback is appreciated: comments, views, faves, downloads, llamas, etc. If you have a question, feel free to ask me. Also if you see a mistake/problem, tell me and(if possible) I will try to fix it. Just please post it on the specific picture or the gallery/folder as a whole(sending notes is also appreciated). Please keep in mind that a lot of time, research and effort was put in making these pictures. I had to search and download the mods, build the exhibits, look up the animals' info on the Internet, and take the snapshot itself. The last one was particularly time-consuming and annoying, since the animals wouldn't stand still(especially the marine/aquatic ones). I even spend several nights sleepless doing this. :X
Lastly, while I must admit I am making this for fun and for others to enjoy, I also have a personal reason. I wish this will motivate others to make simular projects and/or draw these animals(for those who like prehistory, of course). If you are planning on using these pictures, sure go ahead. :thumbsup: Just remember to credit me. ;) But more importantly, my prehistoric portfolio is in honour of zoo sim and/or dinosaur games(Zoo Tycoon, Mesozoica, Prehistoric Kingdom, etc) and their communities. Thank you everyone, I couldn't have done it without you. :happycry: So now my friends, please click the link and enjoy the show. :bow:
PS: Here's a teaser/spoiler for my next big project in the future:…
I don't know when exactly I will do it, but I promise one day it will be done. Goodbye for now, and best of wishes to everyone. :thanks:
Fail-Seeker Featured By Owner 7 hours ago
You put a lot into this! :clap:


I look forward to the Mythology+Fantasy Creatures one even more!
Garo123456 Featured By Owner 1 hour ago  New Deviant Student General Artist
Sorry for the late reply. I had to deal with my noise-making neighbours(their kid was having a birthday party) AND my PC crapped on me again(damn malware). Thanks for the nice words. :) I don't wish to dissapoint you, but my next project will not be done anytime soon... :(
However as a friend, I will reveal the ''creature feature'' roster in my next journal. I will make one more journal and 2 more deviations after that. And then I plan on writing my first fanfic here on DA. Can you please just explain to me how to do it? Is it simular or different to writing journals? :confused: PS: If my comments are too long/annoying for you, just tell me and I will hide them. Wish me luck and catch you later. :thumbsup:
Fail-Seeker Featured By Owner 1 hour ago
Take your time and keep up the fantastic work! :thumbsup:
Jimma1300 Featured By Owner 2 days ago   Digital Artist
Do you role play?
Fail-Seeker Featured By Owner 2 days ago
Sometimes...why do you ask?
Jimma1300 Featured By Owner 2 days ago   Digital Artist
I wanna meet one of the villains I have in the heroes side :D
Fail-Seeker Featured By Owner 2 days ago
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HenryFan2006 Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist Filmographer
My favorite character of Balto is Jenna!
Fail-Seeker Featured By Owner 3 days ago
Mine is Balto himself! :)
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